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    If a 16 year old girl is pregnant, is she considered emancipated?If pregnancy does not automatically emancipate you, what procedure does one need to follow in order to get emancipated?Can a 16 year old who is pregnant legally choose to live with the father of the baby? While getting married constitutes an emancipation, getting pregnant and having a child does not constitute emancipation.

    Iowa Law Iowa Code Iowa Acts and Passed Legislation Constitution Related Information Iowa Administrative Rules Learn How Rules Work Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) Rule-Writer Tool Kit Additional Information & Resources Rules Management System (RMS) Iowa Court Rules Chamber Rules Executive Orders Hyperlink Legal Downloads Order Legal Publications Official and Unofficial Editions Document Authentication The Iowa Code contains all permanent laws that are passed by the Iowa General Assembly and signed by the Governor.The Iowa Administrative Code contains all administrative rules adopted by Iowa's state agencies.When a law is passed, the Iowa Administrative Code often needs to be updated to include the administrative rules adopted to effectively implement or administer that law.An example would be the passage of a bill by the General Assembly that allows voting at satellite voting stations. The bill would contain amended sections of the Iowa Code.

    The Iowa Administrative Code would then also have to be amended to include administrative rules adopted by the State Commissioner of Elections (i.e., the Secretary of State) to prescribe how the law will be implemented by county commissioners of elections.The Iowa Constitution is the written instrument embodying the fundamental principles of law of a state or nation, outlining the powers and duties of the government and guaranteeing certain rights to the people.Codified and original copies of the Iowa Constitution are published as part of the Iowa Code.