What is hook up with someone

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when did lee seung gi and yoona start dating

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    Dating has always been a struggle due to some physical limitations.Namely sex has always been acutely painful (vaginismus).This concern has been the root cause of many relationship and self-worth ills.

    I have been sexually active since my late teens and simply thought it would get better as I got older.These issues make intimate personal and physical relations not only unpleasant but disheartening.Especially since no one in their right mind would sign off on a lifetime of their partner not enjoying their intimate company and since sex is important to most people and relationships.My physicians, though supportive, have not been that helpful.

    This whole thing puts a damper on many relationships (understandingly) and because of it I have not dated much and feel sexually left behind experience wise for many years.Everything I have read about dating with this condition treats dating unrealistically.I am at a cross roads on how to move forward with this.